wri(ting) support sessions

with zak.

Writing (although beautiful) can be a lonely process. And I know how hard it can be trying to get words on a page when you feel like you are lacking support.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I am now setting up a new ting called ‘wri(ting) support sessions’.

Hop on a Zoom call with me where we will spend an hour writing together. No strings attached. (Just vibes).

These sessions are perfect if

– You have a deadline and need some dedicated writing time.

– Want some feedback on a piece you have written.

– Want a writing buddy. (We don’t even have to talk. Sometimes it’s just nice having someone there).

– You want to do a freewriting session (Honestly one of my faves. My past students at RAaW London found these extremely useful to get in the writing mood and/or just to be creative).

– Have a loved one that is a writer and you want to gift them support.

These sessions will be catered around you. So you just let me know what you need and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

(Link below. Hope to catch you there.)


Nuff Love,


p.s. It’s only a fiver if you have a ‘You are a real g’ membership. 


Zak’s [sessions] engage new writers with exercises that not only bring the best and most spontaneous work from you, but also make the process of getting started fun and engaging. No judgment, just creativity. – (H)

The writing support session ran by Zakiyyah Deen is the class you love to go to. She’s very warm, real and uplifting. She created a safe space to explore, share and create material whilst giving you hella insight and tools to carry you further. Love that. – (C)

 I think you have a great way of describing things and you give great examples. Also one doesn’t feel any pressure to write in a “certain way” as you emphasise that everyone has their own way of doing things and you’re therefore super helpful and very pleasant. – (N)

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