Music was my therapist

zaks wri(tings) #6

I have two rules when it comes to music and boundaries. If an album has 3 songs I really like I add it to my ‘buy list’. If a human does 3 things I really don’t like I add them to my ‘bye list’.

I’m a simple girl but these are rules I live by. 

Music has taught me how to create healthy boundaries, allowed me to express emotions I can’t verbalise and cope with various life changes. It is only recently that I have realised that throughout my life music was, and still is, my therapist.

It’s funny, whether I’m mad, sad or glad there is always a song that perfectly encapsulates my mood. (You know what I mean?) Songs that make you feel like a g, songs that make you nostalgic and songs you don’t dare play around your mum.

I used to play steel pan professionally (Shout out Chris Storey and Pan Nation. LYLT.) and funnily enough I started playing steel pan and doing family therapy exactly the same day.

I’m gonna be completely honest with you I needed them both.

Therapy gave me a safe space to discuss my emotions and past experiences whilst steel pan gave me a safe space to create, play and reconnect with my Caribbean roots.

Music is celebrated in our culture but I believe the topic of moods and mental health still have a dark cloud looming over them that we need to shift.

(I even feel odd talking about my mental health so openly on this blog.)

What I’m trying to say is mental health has such a big stigma in our community and therapy (though important) can be expensive and is not always easily accessible.

The unorthodox and creative ways we heal are beautiful. And we need to shine a light on positive therapeutic activities that aren’t just talking to a stranger about how we feel.

Footnotes and foolishness

A video of me playing steel pan. I hope it makes you smile as much as it makes me smile.

Nuff Love.

p.s. Going on a quick hiatus to spend time with the ones I love (including myself) over the festive season. I’ll catch you lot on the flip side (aka 2022) with more writing and cool fun stuff.

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