Too many therapists

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SAD season is officially upon us people. So get you hats, hot drinks and healthy coping strategies at the ready!

Most of you will know that one of my coping mechanisms is humour. I am a strong believer that if I don’t laugh I will cry. (And sometimes I do both.) Laughing or bussing jokes often distracts me from feelings of anxiety, down days and overthinking. And today I want to share how I (an overthinker) overthink therapy whilst in therapy.

Now don’t get it twisted, I love therapy. And to be honest, without it I would be less emotionally aware and more of an emotional wreck. 

But …

Therapy assessments are the bane of my existence. I have recounted my childhood trauma and “journey” so many times that I can tell you everything in the space of 3 minutes. I’m 21 so that’s approximately 8.5 seconds per year. (Pretty flipping impressive if you ask me.) 

I’ve had a few shrinks in my time. (All free might I add so big up the mental health charities doing the work.) But I do often think about how many people know my business and it scares the sh*t out of me. I mean what if one day I gain popularity (Lol) and my ex therapists sell some of my stories to the press. Then I’ll have to go talk to another therapist about how that makes me feel and then they could go sell that story.

It could be a never ending cycle of telling and selling.

Now I know this may sound a little OTT but this is genuinely how I think sometimes. (And I’m sure many of you can relate.) However, if I’m being completely honest with you – overthinking has saved me a couple of times.

I just gotta learn when to stop. (Ha.)

Anywho … Take care of your self this autumn/winter people dem.

As long as you ain’t hurting yourself or others – DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.


Footnotes and foolishness


Separately, I have a post coming out about unconventional therapies and therapeutic activities soonish. Titled ‘Music was my therapist’. (Dw ‘Sold my phone to get home pt.3’ will come out 1st – so cool arf me.)

Speaking of music being therapeutic…

My chargie (Reda Elazouar) has a movie (‘PIRATES’ by Reggie Yates) coming out tomorrow (26th November) so let’s all go support the ting.

The movie is harmonious, hilarious and heart-warming. Exactly what you need if you have the winter blues or are in need of some nineties nostalgia.

Alright that’s all from me. Catch you lot next week.

Nuff Love.

2 responses to “Too many therapists”

  1. I laugh and cry as I’m reading.  I find myself looking forward to the next blogThe Gamin


    1. Ha! Thanks for reading gamin x


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