I look like an uncle

(for The Guardian Weekend x gal-dem)

Well this is exciting isn’t it. A blog and my 1st official post. (13 year old me would have been very gassed.)

Speaking of gassed, this time last year I wrote my 1st full length memoir titled ‘I look like an uncle’.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the winners amongst hundreds of applications and it actually got published. (Big up The Guardian and gal-dem)

This piece was very close to my heart. And a little exclusive – I was shoooook when it came to writing it (much less sending it in) But I’m glad I did.

I have had some beautiful messages from those who could relate and it is a piece I will always hold dear to me.

This is a love letter to anyone who has ever faced alopecia, hair loss or felt insecure about their hair.

If you wanna have a read click on the link below.


(Oh and I promise there is more new writing to come. Just learning how to use this wordpress ting and that)

Nuff Love,


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